The Team of Organizational Development of Autonomous University of Barcelona (EDO) links its teaching and research activities with the analysis of the dynamics of organizational development in general and particularly in educational context.

Since 2003 the team has focused one of its research areas on the analysis of the processes of Creation and Management of Knowledge (CGC) in educational organizations and those that related to training. It has mainly relied on funding from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Innovation, as well as from the cooperation of others in a smaller extent. Currently, and since 2010, this area of research focuses on the analysis of the processes of CGC in the Communities of Professional Practice in different organizational contexts (public administration, educational administration and business administration).

Meanwhile, since the foundation, it has been a vocation of EDO for brining the generated knowledge to the society in general, as well as to other professionals and academics interested in its research. It has been essential for the realization of the first special workshop of EDO in 2003, the goal of which was to generate debate around different types of training strategies in organizations. Since then the EDO has conducted different activities of outreach and transference, which can be reviewed at: "".

In addition, the Center for Legal Studies and Specialized Training under the Department of Justice of the Province of Catalonia, has been working for some years in aspects related to the development of new training methodologies to support collaborative learning in the context of public administration.

With vocation of collaboration, both institutions planned the organization of the First International EDO Congress "New training strategies for organizations." for the year 2010. For the year 2012 they scheduled the II EDO International Congress, "Knowledge management and organizational development: training and corporate training"



The objectives of the II International Congress EDO included:

To analyse and discuss the reality and perspectives of collaborative networking.


To promote the exchange of experiences and good practices in the use of relevant social network in organizational environments.


To promote joint working areas among University, Public Administration and Private Sector in the field of creation and management of knowledge in network.


To understand and assess the studies and research related to collaborative network, informal learning, and open innovation.


To establish institutional bridges to enhance the analysis of collaborative network and its role in organizational development.


To promote links and joint working areas between university and society related to the development of new training modalities in organizations.



The areas of work approached to during the Congress, considering the educational perspective, business perspective and perspective of public administration, were the following ones:

Social network as tools for the management of knowledge.


The informal learning, how to recognize it and manage it.


The social learning in the professional community in network.


“Open Innovation”.

May, 23, 24 & 25 2012

Barcelona, Center for Legal Studies
and Specialized Training

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